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Jul 2, 2012 4:00pm PDT
and emotional. and then he got a $1 million advance to do a memoir. he had his contract doubled at cnn, making $4 million. >> cenk: that sounds good. >> right? we calculated as a staff who are the 50 most powerful gay and lesbian americans. he was number two, and he was at a really powerful place in his career. he had a big show. here was this guy who pretty much already knew in media who was gay. he had a huge amount of platform and power the way we looked at it at the time was reporting the truth. >> cenk: shana you think by definition he came out too late? you think he should have come out in 2007. >> it would have been nice to see him come out. the letter that he wrote is beautiful, gorgeous. he's a great writer, articulate, emotional. i think it would have been nice to see. done for sure. just by saying that we opened the door for a lot of media to report on the fact that we had said that he was gay until we got to this point where today there was almost no surprise. many outlets have done stories about rumors of anderson cooper being gay. they reported on the idea of it without saying it
Jul 10, 2012 4:00pm PDT
on to something new. the president has a number of half brothers and back in 2008 cnn found within of them in kenya. remember this. >> i never knew my father. i was six-month-old when he died. >> i found george far away from the glamour of the presidential campaign. george obama has lead a very different life. >> i live well. i'm kenyan. so [ inaudible ]. >> well, he sees this and thinks, aha! i have his half brother, and i'm going to go get him! so he includes him in a documentary he is going to release called "2016 obama's america." and here is a peace. >> i saw a story i believe on cnn that obama's half brother, i believe george was living in nairobi in a hut. and i click on the story, and there is a picture. obama had not done anything to help you. >> i think he has a family of his own. he is supposed to help his family. >> right. but don't you think you are part of his family. >> yeah, i'm part of his family but i'm over it. i can help myself. >> you are an adult. you are his brother. has he been your keeper? >> ask him. he has other issues to deal with -- >> well, h
Jul 13, 2012 4:00pm PDT
on every network there is, normally he hides in fox news. now he's everywhere. so here he is on cnn explaining whether he is going to release his tax returns to clear all this up. >> romney: i know there will always be calls for more. people always want to get more, and you know, we're putting out what is required plus more that is not required. those are the two years that people are going to have. that's all that is necessary for people to understand something about my finances. >> cenk: in other words, nope i'm not going to put it out. apparently what ever is in his tax returns are massively damaging. at this point politically speaking, he's bleeding from the ear. he's hurt, dog. don't ask if i'm already. nevertheless he still won't put out his tax returns. could there an felony? >> one of his top visors suggested you may have committed a felony when it comes to the sec filings about exactly when you turned over the management. i would like to give a chance to respond. >> romney: well, of course that's ridiculous. and disturbing to come from their campaign, and beneath the dignit
Jul 16, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. she was just recently on cnn. >> one of the most important thing i hear over and over again is that they're victimized a second time. not only are they raped or sexually assaulted they then are humiliated, they're forced out of the military. they are treated like they have some kind of behavioral problem and it is swept under the rug. >> cenk: all right, in fact, 3,000 advocates have called on the house arms service committee chairman to hold hearings on lackland specifically. among groups is the group called "protect our defenders." we have brian with us to talk about it. brian, great to have you here. and first let me ask you if lack lackland unfortunately is representative of what is happening in the military, or is a case by itself in the series of sexual assaults that has happened there. >> i wish we could say it's just one case, but this has gone on for decades. you mentioned the petition launched by "protect our defenders," launched by the tail hooking whistle blower. that was back in the 90s the air force scandal. she decided to speak up again because nothing has ch
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)